wtorek, 25 marca 2014

Making of Angel Knight

Ok, as I said before this miniature is 45 mm to eyes line without base. Head and sword will be resculpted in final version. It was sculpted for Kabuki Models (http://www.kabukimodels.com/en/), concept was created by Aurelio Lecis. I thought it would be good idea to throw some step by step photos of my miniatures, back when I wasn't sculpting yet I used to love seeing articles like this, and to be honest I still do :p Let me know if you want more of this type posts :) 

Ok, firstly, tools I used:

And first step - wire skeleton, not much to see here, but this is how it always begins:

Than base clay 'mesh', just to see pose better and to have basic layer to work on:


Basic anatomy. Didn't pay that much attention to that, since I knew that it will be tottaly covered by armor. However this had to be done in order to preserve right proportions and not to end up with some anatomicly incorrect pose.

Then I started to shape armor, for this stage without any details, just to get pretty accurate shape of it:

Then second part of leg armor:

Then I made basic sword (which end up in trash sadly :p ) and I started to make details on one side of armor:

Further detailing on one leg:

Then of course second leg with all details and general shape of chest plate:

Adding more details to chest and back:

Then I took care of one hand, and after aproval I proceed and made the other one:

Then shoulder pads, I think most time stilling thing on this mini:

Knee pads (left one with old concept):


And here's left knee pad after concept changes:

Then base-demon appeard, unfortunately I don't have step by step of it, mostly because it was sculpted much much faster than the knight himself:

Then I started shaping wings, firstly just rough sketch of wing, then general shape of feathers, and after smoothing I made this great looking, yet easy to acomplish texture:

Then I sculpted face, also no step by steps here, sorry, but as with demon, it was pretty fast sculpt:

And here's finnished model, presented earlier with more photos on this blog:

And of course the worst job there is while sculpting: cutting finnished piece to castable pices. There's always some terrible damage, that need to be fixed later (already fixed on photos :) ):

I hope you liked this little step by step, and as I said before, let me know if I should post something like this more frequently :) To the next time!