wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2015

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Welcome after a long break. And saddly probably before an even longer one. I don't have time any more to post all my stuff in few different places, for now I work few times more hours than I used to. So I had to choose one place and focus on it. And so Facebook page won, for it is most responsive and easy to get to lot of people. There is already a lot of stuff that haven't been posted here, mostly digital works, and a lot more is comming soon, both digital, which is my primary occupation now, and some traditional sculptures made for fun. So if you like my work and want to keep following me, or get in touch, please do so here:


Thanks for all your support throughout few recent years. I really appreciate all of it :) Good day to you all!

PS: a little teaser of what can be found there :p

środa, 18 lutego 2015

Sciborius, Primarch of the 2nd Legion of the Blazing Suns

Finally done, as I mentioned somwhere, it's my last traditional clay sculpt at least for some time. Now I will focus on digital sculpting, for it gives you many tools unavailable in real world that make the process much faster and easier. Also since 3D printing continues to getting both more accurate and cheaper, printing those as miniatures shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, he's standard primarch size, I hope you like him, c&c most welcome :)

Alternative heads:

Aaaand in parts: