Survivor CASTS

Survivor (54mm, sci-fi) - limited high quality multipart resin cast

Model comes in 6 pieces that require assembling:
- survivor
- arm with sword
- scenic base
- dead body
- arm with sniper rifle
- pickax

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Photos of one of the casts after assembling:

Thanks to international bloggers you can see below two independent miniature reviews, and few examples of painted mini:
Painted 1 (in progress):
Painted 2 (in progress):
Painted 3 (in progress):

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  1. Gratuluje wydania modelu! :) spory krok. Zwłaszcza tak znakomity

    1. Dzięki, teraz tylko mieć nadzieję że się chętni znajdą :)

  2. Ale jak to kupić ?

    Mail do Ciebie ?